Operators backing operators

Our approach
Always a text away

Whether it's a quick text, impromptu phone call, or in-person conversation, you'll have a supportive and responsive partner at all times.

Ready to roll up our sleeves

We strive to be, dollar-for-dollar, the most valuable investor on your cap table.

Relentless problem solvers

We use our network's collective experience to drive your business forward.

We invest in B2B SaaS companies in the following industries:
Fintech and eCommerce Tooling

Enabling seamless online transactions, from payment gateways to data security, driving digital business growth.

Developer Tools

Empowering developers with efficient tools for coding, debugging, and collaboration, catalyzing innovation in software development.

Intelligent Infrastructure

Revolutionizing operations with AI-driven infrastructure, optimizing resource utilization, enhancing scalability, and elevating efficiency.

Future of Work Applications

Bridging remote collaboration, AI automation, and skill enhancement, reshaping how businesses thrive in evolving work landscapes.

How we add value
Human Resource Network

Build the right team to catalyze your company's success. Connect to our network of early stage operators and executives.

Sales Intros & Advisory

Take advantage of our Go-To-Market operator network for sales introductions and playbooks for scaling high growth SaaS startups.

Capital Connections

Tap into our broad ecosystem of thoughtfully vetted partners who bring more than just capital to the table.

A lot of investors will make the investment and then you'll never hear from them again. That's not Lorimer. I often find myself texting our thread for advice – they have deep operator backgrounds and have made critical introductions to customers, investors and talent. They really get in the weeds with you and are willing to hop on the phone to help close a candidate or brainstorm ideas.

Lorimer has made countless, high quality candidate introductions for jobs we've posted, introduced us to core vendors who we love, facilitated real customer conversations, and have come to the table with specific ideas for how to improve our core product and business model. Finding VCs + operators who contribute with this frequency, and at this level, is really hard – Lorimer is as, or more impactful, than any fund we’ve worked with.

Lorimer provides the most 'bang for your buck' relative to every investor on our cap table. They are extremely high-touch, and apart from the strategic assistance they provide across GTM, product, and capital markets, Lorimer's candidate network has been the most valuable to OatFi. As operators themselves, getting access to their deep talent network is an incredibly effective and efficient way to hire.

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